Your Partner for Early Academic Excellence!

Children Academy is a family-owned childcare center founded by Liz and Femi in 1999 in Long Island New York. Our goal was to bring you the highest-level care and education for your young ones at a very affordable rate. We take our responsibility of caring for and educating your child seriously and have designed our curriculum and play spaces with utmost safety in mind. Our state-of-the-art centers are custom fitted from ground up with your family in mind. We harness the latest safety technologies and research backed curriculum to bring you an environment equipped to prepare your child for life in a world where technology and education is moving at a fast pace.
From our lockdown system to our touch-free buildings, our electronic sanitation technology, and applications, we are able to keep you up to date on events of the day. We invite you to come and visit one of our facilities and see how we prepare your child for the future.

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Learning is Fun Again
  • Infant Program

    We accept infants at 6 weeks old in our colourful nursery.

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  • Toddlers and Preppers

    Preschool readiness begins after the Infant Program

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  • Preschool and

    Using multiple intelligence as a stepping stone

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  • Explorer Kids

    Explorer camp accepts children aged under 13 years

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