Our Mission

Children Academy’s vision is to create an ideal learning environment where we educate the “whole child” in a loving, stimulating and family-oriented facility. We strive to provide families with the best learning care solution possible as we partner with families to meet their needs and those of their children. Our aim is to help families achieve their child’s learning goals using developmentally appropriate practices and innovative teaching methods.

Our Values

Honesty - We pledge to be honest in all our endeavors as we care for the children. As a company, we will be true to our words with our staff, our parents, and the children that we serve.

Integrity - As an ethically upright company, we will take pride in providing the best care and that we can to improve all children’s outcomes.

Trust - As a company, we will do our best to earn the trust of our clients and staff and to uphold their trust in all that we do.

Excellence - As a company, we pride ourselves in our commitment to excellence. We raise the bar high by our commitment to operate in an “always learning” state using new innovations and empirical research as our guiding light in continuing to improve and maintain our high standard.

Love - As a company, we love what we do, and we hire staff based on their love and commitment to children as we provide quality care for the children we serve in a loving and nurturing environment.

Passion - Our company prides itself on our passion for quality which extends our staff team. Together we make a commitment to passionately continue to pursue excellence in the care and education that we provide.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum uses the whole-child approach to education.

Our teachers will not only help children to develop math and
literacy skills, but also consider the physical, social-emotional, and cognitive development of the child while also working
with parents and guardians to educate the whole child
Teachers scaffold learning and guide children to problem solve by expanding their curiosity through play. Activities are
staged through large and small groups as well as one-on-one activities as children engage in learning games and thematic
studies while having tons of fun in a safe and loving environment.
Your child will begin their early education journey with us after a developmental screening where teachers determine your
child’s level in order to create your child’s unique Education Plan. Be part of your child’s education by joining us for a
parent-teacher conference twice a year and include your input when you receive your child’s periodic academic
assessments and report cards.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are selected through a rigorous screening process.

Candidates are hired for their nurturing tendencies and
academic qualification. Academy teachers are Certified Child Development Associates and must maintain their academic
certification as well as their CPR certification throughout their employment. A wide range of online curricular resources
and database are made available to our teachers. Also available to them are scholarships and tuition reimbursement
programs through local New Jersey colleges for teachers in training. Our commitment to lifelong learning ensures that new
hires must complete our New Hire Professional Development Program within their first 90 days and continue each year
throughout their career with us. Our teachers receive training on promoting child mental health wellness and are up to
date on recent research and studies which is implemented in their daily planned curriculum.